Why, Hello There

The memory of her was a tapestry that I wrapped myself in until it suffocated me to such extent that in the morning, people did not find my body but a new silhouette woven within its threads.

Hello Future Lover,

My name is Kayla Katt. With a fortunate stroke of serendipity, you’ve found yourself on my page. You’re one step closer to my all-encompassing realm of pleasure and sanctuary.

In my personal life I wear many hats. I’m a published model, a ballet and aerial dancer, former writer, jewelry designer, karaoke aficionado, travel enthusiast, and a professional hedonist, to name just a few things. But, at my core, I’m a young woman who simply enjoys appreciating and savoring life’s pleasures with a small circle.

I grew up in the Long Island suburbs to first-generation Jamaican parents and came to NYC to pursue my passion for passion.

Growing up, my favorite movie was Alice in Wonderland. I resonated with Alice because it’s the story of a young girl who wanted to escape life’s mundanity in the pursuit of the extraordinary. She ended up chasing a white rabbit that symbolized desire, destiny, and escape from the ordinary. The elusive white rabbit led her to uncharted territories, wild adventures, new connections, and ultimately, unparalleled growth. My white rabbit led me here, as Kayla.

Maybe something similar led you here, too? Perhaps it’s a desire to infuse your life with vibrance and vitality, or a deep knowing that there’s more, and it’s within reach, and you deserve it. I’m here to reintroduce vivid shades to your life canvas. I’m here to be your escape as we lose ourselves in one another. I’m here as a safe, soft landing for you after a long day – or month – or year. A kiss, a touch, a truly listening ear, a genuine smile, these are all “little” things that add up to big things, and you deserve them.

Men are visual creatures, and that’s why the first things you’ll notice about me will be my beauty, particularly my locs in honor of my Jamaican heritage, my silky, ebony, milk-chocolate complexion, sparkling almond eyes, and curvy, picturesque body fit into a petite 5’2 frame. You’ll know immediately that you’re in for a treat, but this is merely the beginning- a tantalizing preview of what awaits.

With me, you’re always left with the titillating euphoria that comes after an incredible first date, the comfortable warmth that comes from a long-term friendship, and some stories we can laugh about for months on end. Life can be many things, but it should never be mundane. With me, it’s anything but. Let’s throw away the script and let our desires in each moment guide us. 

You’ll find me alluring and poised, but also silly, down-to-earth, and refreshing. Add to that a very generous dash of humor and an adventurous side to keep you on your toes, and you have the delicious concoction that is Kayla. Warning: Once you taste, you’ll always want more.

Do you enjoy making the best of this short life we’re blessed with? If your answer is something like “Yes. After all, isn’t that why we’re here?” or “I haven’t been doing that enough, but I’m committed to changing that,” then surprise! We’re a match.

Whether we:

  • Traverse around town (and paint it red?)
  • Indulge in exquisite cuisine (As a sincere foodie, it’s my favorite way to bond)
  • Retreat into lovers’ paradise (think: plush hotel sheets, room service, body warmth, and pillow talk)
  • Or pack our bags for a destination date (me, my Tumi, my passport, and a few of my favorite bikinis would be honored to join you)

…one thing that’s certain is that your memories with me will linger in your mind for months to come. Our quality of life is determined by our experiences. What experiences would you like to create together?

P.S. I love laughter. If you want to make your way to the top of my “excited to meet” list, include a thoughtful message in your initial contact and end it with your best joke. 

Follow the white rabbit and I’ll see you soon. 



Handwritten notes, fresh fruits, flowers, tasting menus, candles, spa and relaxation treatments, house plants


Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet, Baccarat Rouge 540, Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia,

Date Ideas

Weekend getaway, spa day, Broadway, burlesque, jazz, ballet, picnic, comedy club, shopping, wine tasting, cooking together

Hobbies and Interests

Aerial dance, ballet, performing arts, trading, social sciences, data analysis, self-care, medieval history


Fruit, sorbet, gelato, acai bowls

HairShoulder length locs
EyesDark brown, almond-shaped
Dress sizeS or 2
Shoe sizeUS 6/ EU 36


Find Kayla Katt In

Collectors Edition 2023

Free to be Naked by former Playboy photographer Ellen Stagg

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