Your muse- your nymph, dripping in chocolate.
My smooth skin, gorgeous, penetrating eyes, charming smile…
Coaxing you deeper and deeper into my vortex.
You’ve entered my world, where pleasure is priority.
You’re alive.

In our limited time on Earth, my desire is that we all experience as much pleasure as possible. As your dream-companion-come-true, you will quickly find yourself enamored by my beauty and my essence; by my dark, penetrating gaze, glistening eyes, and the depth that lies beneath them; by the light, tenderness, delicacy, and delicious mischievousness when I smile; by my sweet, playful, yet wildly erotic nature; and lastly, by the way my presence is an invitation for you to be your fully expressed self.

I want nothing more than our realization of bliss. 

You’re a gentleman who recognizes that life is short and as such, you’re intent on investing in truly remarkable experiences. Travel, galleries and museums, scenic retreats, exquisite cuisine, late-night adventures, mornings where you wake up to my warm, supple body pressed against yours, afternoons spent gallivanting around the city, champagne-soaked nights, cozied bliss, and evenings of unbridled passion – these are moments that make life worth living. 

I’m a free spirit with an open mind and a voracious thirst for life and life-giving moments. My background as an aerial and ballet dancer translates to the bedroom and beyond. You’ll find my demeanor poised, graceful, and alluring, with the perfect amount of naughtiness, quick wit, humor, and an adventurous side to keep you on your toes. 

Whether we skip around town or retreat into lovers’ paradise, your memories with me will linger on your mind for months to come.

Our quality of life is determined by our experiences. What experiences would you like to create together?



Handwritten notes, fresh fruits, caviar, flowers, tasting menus, candles, white wine, spa and relaxation treatments, cooking, house plants

Drink of Choice

White wine, caffeine-free tea, lemon water, healthy smoothies


Sexy and floral, Armani’s Si Passione, Jo Malone, Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet

Perfect Date

Weekend getaway, dinner and a bubble bath

Date Ideas

Spa day, wine tasting, picnic, comedy club, shopping, Broadway or burlesque show, New York City Ballet, jazz venue, cooking together


Aerial dance, performing arts, science, history, travel, economics, nature, culture, educational activities and documentaries


Fruit, sorbet, gelato, acai bowls

HairShoulder length locs
EyesDark brown, sparkling, almond-shaped
Dress sizeXS or 2