Wish List

Let all that you do be done in love

Whether you’re aiming to make a great first impression or you just want to see my eyes light up, gifts are my love language and I appreciate them deeply ( & I show my appreciation fervently).

Curated Wish Lists

LuxyList – A list of “most-wanteds” that come directly to my address

Wishtender – With Wishtender, you can easily contribute to my upkeep, gifts, experiences, and ventures

Amazon – Gift me with the click of a button through your Amazon account

Gift Cards

Please send gift cards to kayla@kaylakatt.com

Self-Care is everything to me. One of the mantra’s I live by is “you can’t pour from an empty cup.” I take great care of myself, and in turn, I’m able to take great care of you. Look good + feel good = do good!

In-Home Massage – This will go toward my monthly in-home massage

Aire Ancient Bath – A trip to my favorite spa? Yes, please!

La Prairie Spa – Luxurious treatments in a renowned spa so I can continue to look my best with or without make-up

Sephora – Keep me stocked on my beauty essentials

Travel is one of my favorite ways to do a deep reset and gain clarity and inspiration.

Delta – I fly almost exclusively Delta and appreciate anyone who supports my travels!

Uber – As someone who Uber’s almost everyday and is a sucker for the occasional Uber-eats, Uber gift cards are extremely useful

Shopping brightens my entire day (or week, if we’re being honest). I love adding to my wardrobe and would love to pick something up that’ll have me feeling and looking great for our next date.

Saks – From home decor, to make-up, perfumes, shoes, clothes, and lingerie…Saks has everything a gal’ could want.

Bloomingdales – AKA my happy place. You simply can’t go wrong here.

House of CB – This is my favorite place to find date night dresses that perfectly combine tasteful and sexy, and really complement my figure.

Gifting Guide

Shoe Size: 6/EU 36/IT 36, Dress Size: S or 2, Shirts: XS, Pants: 4, Bracelet: S/6, Ring: 6, Bra: 34DD, Underwear: Small

Treats & Sweets – I love having fresh flowers in my home. Social Flowers makes it super easy to send me flowers via email and they have incredibly fast delivery. I love fruits arrangements from companies like Edible Arrangements. I do enjoy chocolate-covered strawberries, but I don’t like chocolate or strawberries separately (odd, I know). For a more savory gift, I’d love caviar and blinis (my mouth is watering just thinking about it).

Jewelry– I love jewelry and have an appreciation for fine, intricate pieces. I prefer yellow gold because it looks regal on my glowing, melanin skin. I also have a deep love for jewelry with pearls and or flowers incorporated into the design, especially if it has diamonds. Lately, I’ve also been getting into other precious stones too, like sapphire, topaz, etc. My favorite brands are Van Cleef and Graff, and I also like Cartier and Tiffany’s. Another brand I should know about? Introduce me!

Purses – I enjoy medium sized purses with gold hardware and classical looks/minimal designs. Some brands I like are Chanel, Prada, YSL, and Dior.

Shoes – I love shoes of all levels of glam. My favorite shoe brands at the moment are Chanel, Aquazurra, Tom Ford, Mach and Mach, Steve Madden, and Louboutin (they’re not the most comfortable, but they’re oh-so-beautiful).

Lingerie – A gift for you! Do you want to see me in something no one else has seen me in? Some great brands are Agent Provocateur, Honey Birdette, and Fleur du Mal.

Black / Woman-Owned Brands – I love supporting black-owned and woman-owned brands and would love any high-end fashion from companies like this. Bonus points if it’s made in Africa! My current favs are Anima Iris (Zaza Grande style) and Brandon Blackwood.

Organizations to Support with Donations

I regularly give back and these are some of the organizations I support. Your donation to any of these would bring me great joy.

Coyote RI


The Loveland Foundation

Zepp Wellness

Thank you for thinking of me!