For what better to invest in than someone invested in you?

“See” (1 Hr/1.5 Hrs) – $1000/$1200

“Touch” (2 Hrs) – $1500

“Taste” (3 Hrs) – $2000 (Recommended minimum)

*dates 3 hours and above must include time in public- drinks, meal, or activity*

“Savor” (4 Hrs) – $2500


“A Day or Night on the Town” (6 Hrs) – $3000

“Cloud Nine” (14 Hour Overnight) – $5000

“Wonderland” (24 Hrs) – $6000

“Paradise” (Weekend) – $8000

25% deposit required

Cash, ETH, & credit card accepted

P.S While I enjoy shorter dates, my preference is longer dates that allow the chemistry to build between us naturally (it makes a difference, trust me)

*Health Notice: I am fully vaccinated, boosted, and test regularly for COVID. I’m fully vaccinated against Monkeypox. Please inform me of positive results or symptoms so we can reschedule.

Date Packages

For established friends who want something more regular. Date packages should be settled in full by our 1st date. Something more often in mind? Inquire about monthly arrangements.


four 3-hour dates

prioritized scheduling


two overnights (up to 14 hours each)

two dinner dates (up to 4 hours each)

prioritized scheduling


four overnights (up to 14 hours each) 

prioritized scheduling


three all-day dates (up to 24 hours each)

one dinner date (up to 4 hours)

prioritized scheduling

Fly or Train Me to You

I’m a wanderlust who’s always overnight bag or passport-ready. Fly me to your state or country, transform a solo vacation into a couples’ paradise, or bring me as excitement on your next business trip. The possibilities are endless with me by your side.

  • 4-hour minimum
  • 50% deposit plus travel costs to secure our date
  • First/business class & 4/5 star accomodations appreciated

Cancellation Policy

I know life happens and sometimes it’s out of our control. That said, I appreciate you being considerate of my schedule as I will yours. In the rare event that I need to cancel, your deposit will be fully refunded.

If you need to cancel:

48+ hours – non-refundable deposit applied to a future date within one year, one reschedule per deposit

Less than 48 hours – 50% cancellation fee

Less than 24 hours – 100% cancellation fee

By booking, you agree to my cancellation policy. Failure to send a cancellation fee will result in permanent termination of all communications and potential addition to the industry-wide blacklist.