For what better to invest in than someone invested in you?

“See” (1 Hr/1.5 Hrs) – $1000/$1200

“Touch” (2 Hrs) – $1500

“Taste” (3 Hrs) – $2000 (Recommended minimum)

*dates exceeding 2 hours must include time in public- drinks, meal, or activity*

“Savor” (4 Hrs) – $2500


“A Day or Night on the Town” (6 Hrs) – $3000

“Cloud Nine” (14 Hour Overnight) – $5000

“Wonderland” (24 Hrs) – $6000

“Paradise” (Weekend) – $10000

25% deposit required

BTC & ETH accepted

P.S My preference is longer dates that allow the chemistry to build between us naturally (it makes a difference, trust me). But, I still offer shorter dates for those low on time because I wouldn’t want to miss out on meeting someone wonderful.

Fly or Train Me to You

Not based in New York? I’ll come to you. Outside the U.S.? I’m a wanderlust who’s always passport-ready. Fly me to your state or country, transform a solo vacation into couples’ paradise, or bring me as excitement on your next business trip. The possibilities are endless with me by your side.

  • 4-hour minimum
  • 50% deposit plus travel costs to secure our date
  • First/business class & 4/5 star accomodations appreciated
Monthly Arrangements

If you desire something more personal and consistent, then this girlfriend-like package is for you. In addition to having all the flirting and fun with none of the stress, you also get other perks like time reserved for you in my calendar, prioritized scheduling, generosity with hours, and regular between-date communication.

  • Three-month minimum
  • Established clients only
  • $TBD inquire


Please read this section in its entirety before our date so that it runs smoothly.

  • Incalls: Please place the investment on a counter, in plain sight, seconds after you arrive. Outcalls: Please have the investment on the bathroom sink prior to my arrival. If we are in public: Please discreetly hand it to me in a book or gift bag within moments of my arrival. Please don’t make me have to ask.

  • Great hygiene is sexy. Please be freshly showered, with minty breath and clean, trimmed fingernails. You can also shower in the beginning of our date without it interfering with our time.

  • Time flies when you’re having fun. If at the end of our date you’re not quite ready for it to end, I’ll happily extend if my schedule allows. My in-date extension is $1000/hour.

  • Good things come to those who book in advance. I very rarely have or offer same day availability. If you send all of your screening information and a nice introduction, miracles can happen. But, for the most part, booking in advance is your best bet.

  • Please be a gentleman. Relationships are built on mutual respect and this one is no different. I will always be considerate of you and expect the same in return. If I’m disrespected or my safety is endangered, I’ll end our date immediately, without refund.

Cancellation Policy

I know life happens and sometimes it’s out of our control. That said, I do appreciate you respecting my schedule and time, as I will always respect yours. In the rare event that I need to cancel, your deposit will be fully refunded.

If you need to cancel:

49- 72+ hours in advance: full deposit returned or reschedule within the next two weeks

Less than 48 hours – 50% cancellation fee

Less than 24 hours – 100% cancellation fee

By booking, you agree to my cancellation policy. Failure to comply will result in permanent termination of all communications and potential addition to the industry-wide blacklist.